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The Unstoppable Spartans

2022 star bowler, Sankaralingam, was unavailable to play today due to family commitments. Luckily another experienced bowler, Manoj Prabhakar, joined the team after a brief time away to get happily hitched. He took out half the rival team (5 wickets) today with his excellent 8-over spell. 'Prabhakar- Yaar Zordar'

It was unsettling for Spartans to give their opponent away free runs (31 extras) & see the projected score slowly climb. Finally, they were able to stop them at 108. The exciting fact is the last wicket by Ram Yadlapalli- the only ball he gets to bowl today got him a wicket and a perfect economy rate of 0.00. 'Yadlapalli- Kya Chamatkari'

It was a three-digit target after a long time for Spartans. They knew playing on the opponents' pitch at Marymoor Park, Redmond, would not be easy. The top three openers' early dismissal added to their pressure. But, the team dynamic is such that someone steps up and gets the job done when needed. With Sai(bali) Prathap on the other end, Dhruv Yadav secured today's victory with 54 runs partnership. He scored the highest - 47 runs, just three runs shy of half a century. 'Dhruv- Bahut Khub'

The opponents took almost 40 overs to set the target while the Spartans wrapped up the game in under 20 overs. They are simply unstoppable!


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