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Another victorious year!


November 23, 2023

Cricket is more than just a sport—it embodies emotion and passion for enthusiasts. Regardless of the format, location, or participants, the sport ensures a bond and enjoyment on and off the field. This was proven again this season as the Spartans had another triumphant year in the Northwest Cricket League, qualifying for the higher division for the second consecutive year. 


Post-COVID, 2022 and 2023 marked a distinctive period in SPCC's history because of a consistently strong roster. Yesterday, during the 2023 AGM, the Spartans unanimously voted for the current Executive Committee to continue guiding a 14-year-old Social-Recreational Cricket Club for another full term. 


During this Thanksgiving, let's remember the humble beginnings and acknowledge the SPCC founders who envisioned this club and crafted a constitution on May 5th, 2009. THANK YOU!

President: Ravi Mangipudi

Vice President: Sankar Jayaraman

Treasurer: Kishore Gollakota

Secretary: Ritesh Kale

Captain: Hrishikesh Joshi 


Given the enthusiasm, SPCC is contemplating forming another team in the upcoming season. So, cricket enthusiasts in and around Spokane, this is your chance to connect with the Spartans and begin your quest. It is worth the shot! Here is a glimpse of what SPCC is and what it is for the community. It is a celebration and an ambition. For families, it continues to be a social hub; for players, it is a place to be who they are or become what they can be. 

A New Dawn in Cricket: Spokane Spartans and WSU Cougars Join Forces!

October 10, 2023


In the world of cricket, where rivalries have often taken center stage, a new chapter is being written. Two seasoned cricket clubs with a storied history have taken a commendable step by collaborating to debut in an NWCL T20 tournament. The coming together of these two cricketing powerhouses who made it to the 2023 NWCL 40 overs tournament playoffs speaks volumes about what cricket offers, much beyond the game, and marks a turning point in how clubs perceive competition. Traditionally, cricket has been a battleground where clubs fiercely fought for supremacy on the field. However, this collaboration represents a break from the past and a recognition that cricket is not just about winning matches but also about nurturing the spirit of the game. Inspired by this vision, Manoj Thirupal, an experienced Spartan took the lead in establishing the 'EASTSIDE CHARGERS' uniting players from both Spokane and WSU Cricket Clubs to embark on a collective path of mutual growth and respect within the realm of cricket. WSU Professor Amit Thakar has been an unwavering supporter of this initiative. Together, their shared objective is to foster a cohesive community that wholeheartedly embraces and enjoys cricket, transcending any barriers or distinctions.


The amalgamation of talent from both clubs is a tempting prospect for cricket enthusiasts in and around Inland Northwest, proving that healthy competition can coexist with camaraderie, respect, and sportsmanship. This partnership offered a unique opportunity to play more for the 18 players involved this season, which commenced on September 4, 2023. While the collaboration is indeed a remarkable step forward, it is essential to acknowledge the challenges they had to face. Combining the strengths and strategies of two distinct clubs has its complexities. The respective club management and players worked diligently to ensure a seamless integration that benefits both teams and, most importantly, the sport of cricket. 

The team was captained by Sai Prathap, a Spartan who not only performed but also managed to keep the team motivated and secure victories.

Man of the Series- Avishek Chanda, a Cougar, made a significant contribution by wicketkeeping and scoring 366 runs in 7 games, including two centuries, which played a key role in propelling the team to the playoffs. He earned the top-ranking batsman and a player spot. Bravo!

The quarterfinals and semi-finals are on Oct 14-15 weekend. This milestone was a team effort. To name some - Gaurav Sharma's steller opening, Sreehari Guruprasad and Dhruv Yadav's all-round performance with bat, ball, and on the field, Ijaz Babakarkhel's exceptional bowling well supported by Rahat Bhatia and Amit Thakar on the other end, a crucial contribution from Jayesh Modha, Manoj Thirupal, Param Heer, Ram Yadlapalli, Satish Yerrapati and Vivek Jayaram. Also, those you were part of playing Eleven and the Roaster but didn't get a chance to get on the pitch, you all made a difference.  


In the T20 Roaster, 16 teams comprised of 292 players, and it's remarkable that 5 Chargers secured spots in the top 25 list.

Truly Outstanding!

Eastside Chargers had perfect ingredients that blended well together, putting them at #2 (they tied the points but missed the #1 spot by a fractional difference in the run rate) and making them worthy of playoffs.

Good Luck, Chargers! May the force continue to be with you. 

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