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What a glorious win, Champions!

What was once England's summer game has become a global, celebrity-infused, highly politicized, billion-dollar industry. Nevertheless, the game and its place in communities worldwide provide much more than a sporting event to enjoy as a professional or a spectator. Cricket entertains but also offers individuals and families a reason to participate, an opportunity to feel part of something, a chance to be included, and a platform to bring people together. It is a melting pot where people, irrespective of their social status, cultural values, and religious beliefs, come together to have fun and develop friendships. It becomes a culture in itself, where everyone speaks the same language, feels the zeal, inspires one another, and provides a sense of belonging, especially for those who migrate from countries where cricket is a national passion.

And hence, some passionate individuals came together in the Spring of 2009 to form a cricket club in Spokane with no guarantees but mere hope. It is not that you show up in the park one day and start playing competitive cricket. Sowing the seed was easy, but executing the idea was challenging. Miraculously, their determination and hard work paid off. The Spartan team got formed through word of mouth, and with Spokane Parks and Recreation's support, the cricket pitch got installed in a record time. SPCC could participate in the summer league games that same year.

Brick by brick, the SPCC establishment took a form where players and their families enjoyed their stay as long as possible and contributed immensely. Some are fortunate to continue, while others remain ardent well-wishers who follow SPCC's growth and cheer from a distance to date. A 13-year-long journey would not have been possible without them, who showed up, bonded, and created this social hub. SPCC dedicates the championship to all who made it happen. The 2012 champions are champions again in 2022. Thank you!

Kudos to the Spartans! You all dominated the season from the get-go, and what a team effort, boys (eager to see you all hold the 2022 trophy). Congratulations on a glorious win, Champions!


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