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Outstanding season of leadership, teamwork, and friendship.

Spartans are yet to receive their league trophies, but it was irresistible to hold on to the celebrations. The Spartan family gathered on the evening of October 2, 2022, to mark the victory outside the cricket ground. It was an evening to acknowledge teamwork, recognize best performances, and celebrate an outstanding season of leadership, teamwork, and friendship.

Leadership: Param Heer, the youngest and a debutant captain (>25), led the team with some players even in their 40s. He exhibited excellent captaincy and sportsmanship in bringing the players together and building the strongest SPCC team in many years. With confidence, maturity, and poise, this all-rounder placed the game of cricket and the team before his records.

Teamwork: Spokane, for some Spartans, was more of a transit city until they could find their final destination. They contributed tremendously during their association with SPCC, but then with every new season, the club's existence would get tested. Fortunately, the new Spartans joined hands and kept carrying the torch forward. SPCC didn't just survive but emerged gloriously. The team who carried the torch this year was the most talented, spirited, and surprisingly fittest, given the COVID break, people had to endure.

Friendship: SPCC's true ethos lies in the lifestyle it offers to families. The health and social regime it provides where friendships evolve, laughter spreads, and fitness becomes necessary—getting out of the winter hibernation. Even the off-season social time due to growing friendships keeps SPCC alive, making this platform even stronger for current and future Spartan families.

Cheers to this fantastic game of cricket and 2022 champions- The Spokane Spartans!


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