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Sensational game of 2022

What a "Bahubali '' performance by one of our experienced, talented, and senior Spartans - Sai Prathap Guduri- who played an epic inning of 100 not out in 60 balls, including 3-fours + 8-Sixes. The rising stars Dhruv and Gaurava stood by him in achieving a target that seemed impossible due to the early collapse of wickets. No words can describe what the man-of-the-match did today for his team, who were playing their first game of the season (SPCC's 14th year).

"गली गली तेरी लो जाली जियो रे Saibali गली गली तेरी लो जाली जियो रे Saibali प्राणो से बड़के हमको है तू प्यारा सब गाएँगे, दोहोराएँगे Sai- तेरा जय जय कारा"

Saibali Part 2- Coming Soon!


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