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The Spartan speaks about 3 C's

Manoj Thirupal, a Spartan since 2016, speaks his heart out about SPCC.

" As a Spokane Cricket Club (SPCC) member, I am continually impressed by its focus on promoting a love for the sport and fostering a sense of community among its members. What ‘is truly remarkable about SPCC is how it has grown and evolved. From its humble beginnings as a small group of cricket enthusiasts, the club has become a thriving community where people can join to play cricket and socialize, learn from one another, and form meaningful connections beyond the sport. What I love about SPCC is the sense of camaraderie and fellowship within the club. This community has allowed me to connect with others who share my passion for cricket, forming meaningful friendships and lifelong bonds.

Moreover, SPCC’s emphasis on promoting a love for cricket has had a transformative impact on me. The opportunities to play matches and tournaments, participate in practice/coaching sessions, and attend social events have allowed me to develop my skills as a player and deepen my appreciation for the game of cricket as a way of life.

Looking ahead, I am excited about the future of SPCC and its possibilities for community engagement. Participation in T20 formats, tennis ball tournaments and organizing tournaments in the Spokane area provides a valuable opportunity for members to develop their skills and challenge themselves in new ways. As the club grows, I hope to see it become even more prominent and influential in the local community. Initiatives such as engaging with immigrants and refugees from cricket-playing countries residing in Spokane could also promote cricket to a broader audience. These communities may already have a strong interest in cricket, and by building relationships with them, SPCC can attract new players and fans for the sport.

Moreover, an indoor practice cage would be a valuable addition to SPCC, as it provides year-round training opportunities for members, regardless of the weather conditions. However, creating an indoor facility can be expensive, so exploring partnerships with existing baseball facilities could be beneficial. If one of these facilities is willing to convert a baseball cage into a cricket net practice cage, SPCC members could frequently rent and use the facility, creating mutual benefits. This approach may enable SPCC to establish an indoor training space more quickly and cost-effectively, ultimately improving members’ skills and potentially boosting their performance.

Overall, being part of the SPCC community has been an enriching experience for me. I am grateful for the club’s commitment to promoting love for cricket and fostering a sense of community, which has profoundly impacted me and countless others. I look forward to being part of this incredible journey for years."


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