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Championship Trophies...

Yesterday evening at the NWCL Banquet in Issaquah, the Spartans were rewarded with well-deserved team trophies for being '2022 Premier League Champions and Playoff Winners.' The icing on the cake was an MVP award presented to one of the experienced and talented Spartans- Krishna Jayaraman, for an all-rounded performance during the finals.

Even though the Spartans didn't win an award in the individual categories, the exciting fact is that Sankar and Sai were the 2nd runner-ups in the best bowler and best fielder categories, respectively. At the same time, Dhruv made it to the 4th place in the list of 296 batsmen in their division. This also affirms that the rest of the Spartans pitched in taking the team to the finish line. What a glorious achievement and a team effort, Spartans!

Spartans then honored their ardent cheerleaders who tagged along to the award ceremony by asking them to receive one of the trophies on their behalf. Bet the visuals shocked the audience; suddenly, when women appeared on the stage. Who does that...ONLY our beloved Spartans! You all are rock stars.

Make this promotion up the division count and play your heart out yet again. Good Luck, Spartans!


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